Who We Are


We are in the business of buying old money Judgments that were won in Civil law suits in Maryland, many years ago.

We have contacted you because we are interested in purchasing your Judgment from you. The court records indicate that no action has been taken in pursuing or collecting on your Judgment. We are prepared to assume the risk of taking legal action to attempt to collect on your Judgment.  

As such, we are prepared to offer you a cash settlement to purchase your Judgment.

Our offer to purchase your Judgment from you is based in part on the following:  The Judgment Debtor may have been involved in  Bankruptcy, and may have wiped out your debt / Judgment. Your Judgment is very old, and is about to expire. Judgments in Maryland expire  12 years from the date they were awarded. It  will be particularly difficult to find  any assets that the Judgment Debtor may have that your Judgment may attach to. We will have to spend considerable time and money taking legal action to attempt to collect on your Judgment. All of that being said, we are still willing to buy your Judgment from you.

If you choose to Sell us Your Judgment, the process is fast, and the Documents Used are minimal. We would need to meet in person for about one hour to sign a few forms, and pay you the money. All of this could take place within the next few days.

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Call us today at 443-762-0624  to arrange a face to face meeting, where we will answer your questions and explain the process.